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CBT Training FAQs Is it true that a CBT is not a test?

Yes the CBT is not a test, its training to get you out on the road safely

How long does the CBT take?

Anywhere between 5 and 8 hours depending on experience

Do I have to have L plates?

Yes at all times during the CBT Training. And once you have completed your CBT training you must have L plates on your bike at all times.

What bike can i ride after the CBT?

If your are 16 you can ride a moped (50cc) if you are 17 or older you can ride upto a 125cc machine.

What do I need to take a CBT?

A Valid UK photo card licence or old style paper one.


How much are the tests?

Module 1 is £15.50  Module 2 is £75. These fees are included in our courses

What happens if I don’t pass first time?

You are liable for the purchase of new test/s and £15 per hour for training.

What course is best for me?

Come and do a CBT or a free Assessment and we will tell you what we feel is the best course for you

What do I need to do to take a course with you?

You need a CBT and a theory pass certificate

What bikes do you use for the test?

For all training we use the new  Yamaha MT-07